Monday 9th July 2012

Most people where I work came in wearing black today, in mourning for Andy Murray’s loss at Wimbledon Yesterday. Did we really believe that he had it in him, is it because of our lack of belief why he lost or was he just not good enough on the day? To me Federer showed great sportsmanship, while our Andy huffed and puffed and threw his toys out of the pram. Back to the drawing board for his coach Ivan Lendl, who I have to say since coaching Andy has improved his game play considerably, just need to work on his temperament, although I pose the question how would we react in his position? It’s so easy to judge when you’re sat on your settee eating nachos. Tennis is a great sport and teaches you a few things such as patience….. I might not be able to break anyone’s serve, but I’ve been known to break a few balls…… New balls please.

Tuesday 10th July 2012

When I was a kid, if anyone mentioned politics to me, you would see my eyes glaze over and a pained look on my face like I had a bad case of constipation. Now, I really want to know what’s going on so that I can be aware of the lies that “they” are trying to feed me. There is mention that the powers that be want to cut fuel payments, bus passes and TV licences of the wealthier pensioners. Is this fair, when they have also contributed to the rest of the country like everyone else? If the government want to save money, have they thought about not going to war and making peace with their own country. Just a thought. It would be a good start to put the “Great” back into Great Britain, a country which those very same pensioners probably helped to nurture, as well as invest in the industries that we no longer have. Certain careers have been taken out of the school curriculum, how will the country survive this. What hold do they have over us that we allow things to happen yet sit idly by in agreement? Well I refuse to be on my knees with my buttocks in the air in anticipation for them to shaft me….. Well not on a school night anyway.

Wednesday 11th July 2012

I have to say, is there any wonder why the old folk used to (or even possibly still do) store their money under their mattresses, given the state of the banks corruption. My dad only dealt in cash, credit cards were a phenomenon to him, he always said “when you dealt solely with cash, you always knew how much you had to spend or had spent“. Makes sense to me. The stink that is up parliaments nose at the moment regarding the Libor scandal seems to be singling out one person, Mr Diamond, who it seems is going to be punished by not receiving the £20m bonus but just a mere £2m which was his annual wage. Anyone else would not want to be bending over for the soap in sing sing right now. I don’t know why MP’s want to speak to him, like they didn’t know what was going on. Don’t be fooled, these people always know what’s going on, especially where money is concerned. I tried putting my money under the mattress once; I can assure you that £5 worth of 1pence pieces are not the most comfortable things to sleep on… What….. It’s all the bank would let me take out. 

Thursday 12th July 2012 

I asked my boss for a fiver from out of the petty cash tin, so that I could get some supplies for the office. Anyone would have thought that I’d asked for the head of his first born on a silver platter. Now I know when you ask certain government agencies for money/grants, the hoops that you have to jump through are sometimes as tight as a cat’s backside. Yet I continue to hear on a regular basis how much stupid money is being thrown at the Olympic Games. Security is going to cost £284m and that is not including the Armed Forces that they wish to employ to boost the security staffing levels, Armed Forces are providing 13,500 personnel which they say could possibly rise to 17,000.… Wow… That’s the size of a small town’s population. Thank goodness the Olympics is every 4 years otherwise countries would be as broke as the people of Greece’s spirit is right now. Where is all of this money coming from that’s what I want to know? Who holds the purse strings for such events? It seems like a lot of money down the drain to me, spent on something that is going to last 2 weeks, when people are broke for years on end, but once again we just accept such deception. Let’s hope the Olympic committee don’t run out of any money, otherwise they’ll be offering cash for Gold…. How else will they be able to afford to make the medals?

Friday 13th July 2012

Yet again it’s a time to reflect on our past week, have we made the right decisions, what more could we have done. Take the time out to speak to a neighbour, help a stranger, let’s try not to let negativity rule our hearts and heads. Let’s try and be the light rather than the darkness and help to illuminate other people’s dark times. Positive over negative, it’s the only way.

Article by Citizen Jane / 16th July 2012


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