Here's the plot then I’ll explain my thoughts. 
The film opens with an announcement that a seventy-mile-wide asteroid named Matilda is on a collision course with earth and that a last ditch effort to destroy it has failed. The world only has three weeks until impact, at which time all of humanity will be wiped out. 
Dodge (Steve Carrell) and his wife listen to the broadcast in their car at the side of the road. Seconds later, his wife flees the vehicle without saying a word to him.
Unable to come to terms with recent events, Dodge returns to a nearly empty workplace the next day, where he sells insurance. Everyone has reacted to the news differently, from suicide to drugs to guilt-free promiscuity. Dodge doesn't participate, believing any attempt to do something enjoyable or thrilling so close to the end would be meaningless. Leaving early from a friend's party, Dodge goes to a park and drinks Windex in an attempt to kill himself.
The next morning, Dodge isn't dead but has a note on his chest reading "Sorry" and
 a dog tethered to his foot. He takes Sorry home, where he reminisces about Olivia, his high school sweetheart. 
So that's the plot in a nutshell however while watching the film it made me consider "what would I do in the same circumstances?"
One of Dodge's friends seems to be taking the catastrophe news by adopting the motto of the dark lord himself, Aleister Crowley which was "Do what thou wilt", which incidentally that particular slogan has been marketed and printed onto t-shirts by the new dark lord, Jay-Z.
When Dodge questions the said individual about the fact that he's allowing his under aged daughter to drink like a fish, he replies, "we're not on the Ark, it's more like the Titanic!"
Also noted was that people living within the inner cities, their standards during this time fell to level where mob mentality ruled, whereas folk living in the suburbs appeared to be more measured.
Dodge Spends his final moments trying to come to terms with his life which he does realise is non productive.
He strikes up a friendship with Keira Knightley who happens to be the polar opposite to him but when your life is being shortened; I guess the people you wouldn't ordinarily associate with can suddenly appear to be less of a strange bed fellow.
Loved this film because it made me think and it also made me realise that living in fear is not living and we should live our lives as if it is our last day with no regrets....
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Article by @gmanzen / 16th July 2012


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