Monday 2nd July 2012

Another crazy weekend behind me….. Thank goodness. The recharging of my batteries appears to take longer these days. I hate it when I look in my purse the next day and find that I’ve spent more than I intended, what once was notes is now shrapnel. If only I had the power to fix the interest rates on the money in my purse, unlike the thieves from the Banks, who if it was you or I in this fix would have gone straight to jail, not allowed to pass go or collect our £200 (Monopoly players will know what I’m talking about). How is it that there is one rule for “them” and another for us so called common folk? We’d be dining on bread and water quicker than you could say “you’re taking the ‘libor’ties“. 

Tuesday 3rd July 2012

I decided to clean out my garage, I got rid of a lot of rubbish that I’ve been hoarding for years, now that it’s all gone I had someone take a look at the space to make sure that it was physically sound, only to find out that the roof is an old one and has asbestos in it. Why did I bother cleaning out the garage, now it’s just going to end up costing me a lot of money that I haven’t got? Especially when at the moment I haven’t even got a car to put in the blooming thing. If only I was the Queen and had public money to bail me out. It seems that she has the same problem as me only on a grander scale, but unlike me, she has “we” the people to pay her bill. Bring back the bartering system I say, then I could probably swap a tin of beans and some corn beef hash for the workers service. It sounds fair to me.

Wednesday 4th July 2012

I was expecting a cheque today, but when I opened my mail, I had received a letter from the bank telling me that they were charging me £30 for going over drawn and I’ve not committed a crime, yet the banks representatives from the libor scandal are being paid off with millions of pounds with crimes committed. What the…… Little people are always trodden on, “they” get away with so much, we shouldn’t allow it to happen, we need to stand up and fight for our rights, it sounds like I’m being an anarchist but I’m not I’m being a realist. Maybe these guys should take jobs in the sperm banks they have the qualifications and experience. Seeing as they are bankers with a capital “W”. 

Thursday 5th July 2012

When I was a child my siblings and I had to go to Sunday School, which was fun, it was like a little community, then I grew up and I knew God was there but I was far to busy for him…. Now I make time. I thought my time span was long to come to certain realisations, but scientists have taken nearly half a century of just thinking about it, more than 30 years of drawn out experimentation and a machine that cost £2.6bn to discover a subatomic particle that they’ve named ‘Higgs boson’ to confirm how the Universe works. Has time and money been wasted on this project, should they have just opened their hearts so they could feel the wonder? Can one really discover something that’s already been discovered? I’ve seen stars that have never been discovered, it was the day I fell over and banged my head; they looked amazing but hurt like a good un. 

Friday 6th July 2012

Another positive Friday, a day to reflect and look back at the week we’ve just passed through, to see what we could have done differently, spoken to someone less harshly, helped someone without wanting something in return, just listened to someone who needed to talk. Let’s take what we could have done or didn’t do into next week and act upon it. Let’s be the change we want to see.

Article by Citizen Jane / 7th July 2012


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