Ever wondered if you could purchase anything decent for under a pound in the UK? Do you think that we are rip off Britain,  well we have sent two researchers of around the world to see what they can buy for 80 Pence, there's nothing quite like playing FTSE underneath the table.


Koneechiwa = Hello

My travels have taken me to Japan a place where the Western population appears to be on the increase. I stayed in a little town called Narita which is approximately 1.30hours outside of Tokyo city by train. The time difference here is +8hours and the weather not too dissimilar to that of the UK, just perhaps a little warmer.
Narita is rather quaint with its little shops with interesting nik naks. There are very few foreigners in Narita but somehow I didn’t notice this lack as I did when visiting China. A must see in Narita is the famous Buddhist temples. You don’t need to be a practicing Buddhist to appreciate the beauty of the architecture, the superb craftsmanship and the intricacy of the artwork on each temple. The grounds in which the temples are located are very peaceful and enjoyable to walk around. The cherry blossoms appear to be a hit with the Japanese and visitors alike at this time of the year and the beginning of April is an ideal time to see the trees in bloom.
So what did I buy with my 80pence? Japan tends to be an expensive place however I found a 100yen shop – the equivalent of our £1 store, and I bought a rather clever little tablet box, (for my vitamins and cod liver oil tablets). It opened into three sections and had ten little compartments. It is small enough to pop into my handbag or a jacket pocket. I don’t know what my little ‘pill box’ might have cost me in Boots but I do believe I have found a bargain.
Sayonara = Good bye. From your world traveller

Article by Deanne G / 4th July 2012


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