Yes people; I hope you're enjoying the torrential rain mixed with a smattering of sunshine.
Welcome to the great British summertime!
While I'm writing this revised review I'm mindful of the Olympic torch that is coming to my town (sorry I mean city) in a few hours time.
I'm not a fan of the pageant that is the Olympics because it masquerades as an event that promotes sporting ideals but in reality it is all about the dollars!
I was supposed to go to the cinema today and review stuff I like however, I looked and realised that there ain't any stuff on that I like so I thought I'd remind you of arguably one of, if not the best film released last year. 
Someone asked me what my thoughts were about this film before I had seen it? My reply was "the entire film is explained in the credits that you see at the cinema or on the adverts on telly!" 
I stand by those words but I will say that if for example you go on a big dipper at the fairground, even if you know it's gonna go up and down, round and round, when you're on it, your memory is flung out the window to be replaced by “wooooweeeeeee!!!" 
That's what happened to me when I saw arguably the best film so far this year!!! 
The story is about a Scientist who is working on an experimental drug in the hope of creating a cure for Alzheimer’s. At the same time the scientist has a father who's suffering with the illness. 
The drug is being tested on 12 chimps and one Chimp shows amazing signs of increased intelligence. 
The Scientist takes the 13th Chimp home (watch the film then all will be revealed about where this additional Primate came from). 
The scientist decides to take some of the wonder drug home to test it on his dad. After taking the drug, dad plays the piano as if he's the new Liberace! (For those who ain't old like dirt that's the camp American pianist of the 60s/70s) 
Caesar (which is the chimp's name) then grows over the next 5yrs into a cross between a big boy and the family pet. The neighbours aren't too impressed with Caesar and after a run in with a neighbour, he's sent to Chimp Pen (without the beltless orange boiler suit and white T-shirt!) 
Watching this film I saw similarities with how the UK riots started and also the concept of slavery and why it flourished. 
Talking about the UK riots, I thought that the young "Dissed" generation (you know who im talkin' bout need a Moses, Ghandi, Malcolm or King. In this film the Dissed Apes have just that, Brother Caesar. 
In the Pen, Caesar takes a beating from a bully Chimp and pines to go home (think ET) even drawing a picture on his jail wall of his window at home that he used to spend hours looking out of at the children playing and envying their obvious freedom. Even the guards in the Pen physically beat and bully him so imagine how Caesar feels when the Scientist comes to see him and can't get him out. 
This vexes Caesar who devises a strategy to be Big C in da Pen! 
The film is described as "Animation" but think Avatar not Dumbo. The actor who plays Big C also played Gollum in Lord of the Rings and the title role in King Kong. 
I'm not gonna spoil this film for you by telling you any more even though I know that I could write and tell you the entire plot and I know that once you get to see "The Big Dipper" you're gonna forget this and only enjoy "The Ride Of Your life (which is exactly the words that the prosecution lawyer said that I told the younguns on my bus but that’s another long story). My opinion, not just a good film rather a future classic!!! 
P.s. the actor who plays Big C should be nominated for an Oscar. 
You must see this film...... 
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Article by @gmanzen / 1st July 2012


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