Monday 25th June 2012

Is the whole of England in mourning today or did we resign ourselves to the fact that the “end was nigh” for the boys before they had even kicked off. Italy played a fine game and the boys did hold them off to the death but it‘s the end result that counts and the best team won in the end. So only two more years for the boys to practice getting things right for the World Cup if they want to come home with a trophy, either that or we need to win another War, to give us something to talk about for the next forty odd years. 

Tuesday 26th June 2012 

Yesterday was the start of Wimbledon, this is a time when us common folk dust off our tennis rackets and start limbering up at our local tennis clubs where we try to show off our skills, but show ourselves up instead. Unsurprisingly, the big boys have made it through such as Federer and Djokovic, Murray also made it through, but it is early days yet, dare we hope that for “another” sport that “we” Brits invented there could actually be a British winner, or is it only an annual dream of ours. Can any of us remember who the last British tennis champion was? Do the archives for this information still exist? What can we do to change the usual losing pattern that we’ve adopted over the years? How can our British trainers/coaches learn from each year’s failures, to turn our players into champions? Do we need to take the “Great” out of Great Britain, when did it all change, what must we do to bring the “Greatness“ back other than steal or invade other countries. I joined a racket club myself last week, nothing to do with sport; we just wanted to see how much noise we could all make. 

Wednesday 27th June 2012 

I just can’t seem to get myself into the spirit of things where the Olympics are concerned, it has been tainted with so many unnecessary things, which I’m still trying to get my head around. Take the giant Olympic rings which were unveiled on Tower Bridge today at a cost of £300,000.……. Why? Or is it just me. We are in a so called recession, people are struggling left, right and centre, yet we now have giant Olympic rings on the Tower Bridge at a cost of more than a house in certain places of Nottingham. How come there are only 5 rings anyway, surely there should be 7 so why have we conveniently left out the other 2 eh…. I guess that’s a whole other debate….. Now I don’t mean to Baa Humbug this momentous occasion, but it just grieves me that people are struggling and the only place that money is being ploughed into is London… What about the rest of the nation eh…. I remember when I had gone out for the evening, I wore a cute little skirt and some heels, unfortunately I tripped over which caused me to land on all fours, buttocks exposed, I don’t recall anyone paying me £300,000 when my ring was unveiled….. No I had to pay a £300 fine, as well as pay for counselling for my elderly traumatised neighbour.

Thursday 28th June 2012

Nottingham is all excited due to the fact that the Olympic torch is coming to our fair City today. Let’s hope that no one lights their fag on it, because that truly wouldn’t bode well. I just wish we could all come together in times when we really need each other, rather than man made traditional events, that serve no purpose in our lives, but just put us all out of pocket….. Yes I’m ranting again, but the last time I went running with a torch, I got stopped by the police because they thought I was running away from a burglary. Maybe if I’d put on a tracksuit and set fire to the torch I might have got away with it. 

Friday 29th June 2012

Another positive Friday, let’s make it a day where we can all teach each other something positive and constructive, all it takes is one of us to make a stand for us to grow, remember the mighty Oak began as a very small seed. Keep the Faith.

Article by Citizen Jane / 30th June 2012


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