Monday 18th June 2012

Today is my birthday, so I took myself off to the “Big Smoke” to celebrate; also to give God thanks thank certain things haven’t dropped yet, if you get my drift….. Living in Nottingham, I don’t know about you but the vibe of the Olympic Games hasn‘t quite reached us yet, but on arrival to London, most places are awash with Olympic paraphernalia. The West End is shrouded in flags, shops have the Olympic Logo and the City appears to be filled with more tourists than usual. What we also don’t see is the dark cloud hanging over the foreign ticket touting sales. Where a scandal allegedly involves more than a quarter of the 204 countries represented at the London Olympic Games as well as thousands of tickets. 
Countries are forbidden to sell their tickets abroad or to anyone who plans to resell them. The whole ticket thing has been a farce from the beginning….. I heard that they were selling tickets on the Black Market so I trawled the whole of London looking for said Market; I even put “Black Market” in my Sat Nav, there’s a Billingsgate Market and a Spitalfield Market but for the Life of me I can’t find the Black Market, maybe the London organising committee can help me find it.

Tuesday 19th June 2012

The Olympics date is drawing closer; it’s a topic on most people’s lips at the moment, other than mud a lot of money has been thrown at it. It has been stated that athletes attending from around the world may have free dental work and eyecare which will be provided from the specially constructed £23m Polyclinic in the Olympic Park. It will be a 24hr health centre about 200 athletes are expected to be treated a day, this has all been funded by £17m of NHS money as well as £6m from the £9.3bn Olympics budget. 
What an absolute joke….. We the people with our rotting teeth and bedsores, have to scrimp and save to get our teeth done, whilst others have to fly to different countries to get treatment because they can’t get treated on the NHS, but if you’re involved in the Olympic Games, then by all means “Open wide and say aaaahhhhh”. Whilst those of us who aren’t taking part, are asked to bend over and take one for England.

Wednesday 20th June 2012

I asked my bank to extend my over draught by an extra £20, I got a very nasty letter and was pretty much asked to “do one”, which I found quite hurtful. After finding out about the £23m Polyclinic for the Olympic Games, which has been funded by £17m of money from the NHS, it was of no surprise to learn that there have been warnings of an upcoming disaster for the NHS. The leader of England’s hospital and primary care trusts has warned that the NHS must change course if it is to survive. 
How the heck is it meant to survive when our resources are being drained? Surely we need to review our outgoings. Just like my bank did with me…. The world is a really dark place at the moment and the love of money is ruling quite a few people. Backs are being scratched, palms are being greased and fingers are in a lot of pies, us common folk are always kept out of the loop but if you all know about spoonerism, then you’ll know that the “bat fastards” want to eat all of the pies and leave us selling our kidneys to pay the rent. Health care…. More like health don’t care.

Thursday 21st June 2012

I have recently come back from my travels and got laughed out of various countries when our UK taxes were mentioned in conversation, for example our car tax, road tax, television tax, wages tax only then for us to get taxed on goods, it’s a wonder we can survive. People are up in arms (namely David Cameron) regarding celebrities trying to dodge taxes, David has singled out Comedian Jimmy Carr saying he is “morally wrong“, due to the fact that he has put his earnings into the hands of a Jersey based company called K2, (which if truth be told sounds like a dodgy Eurovision song contest band). 
Should the likes of Jimmy be condemned? If we all had the capital would we be jumping on this band wagon? David has been called hypocritical due to the fact that he has made said statements, yet Gary Barlow, who campaigned with the Tory leader and received an OBE last week is also involved in a similar scheme. What say ye now Davey Baby. Taxes were originally and still are collected to fund wars, so in effect we all contribute (granted unknowingly) to the murder of innocent citizens as well as our own troops. But now that you know it’s impossible to “unknow”. When I was a kid “tax” to me was black nails used to hold something in place…. I guess the similarities haven’t changed because tax to me today, holds us on that cross that we have to bare. Wow I found today’s entry very taxing.

Friday 22nd June 2012

Have we forgotten the word “unite” if we did it more often things could get done, or even undone, remember we are the government, they work for us not the other way around, illusion is a mesmerising thing. Let today be a positive day, encourage someone and lend a helping hand where possible. 

Article by Citizen Jane / 22nd June 2012


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