“New Years Eve”

Ok, I was queuing up to watch two films on Friday, the first one was "New year's Eve" and the second was the one I really wanted to watch because I’m a Guy Ritchie fan “Sherlock Holmes” which to my disappointment I was informed that there were no free passes for that film till January 6th 2012!!! (Ah vex!!! (Which roughly translates to those who are not from the Caribbeanpersuasion means "I ain't Happy!")

Anyway, I digress.......

I took my seat not really sure what I was gonna see only that the cast was extensive.... Don't believe me? Well look at the cast list below which includes: 

James Belushi as Building Super
Halle Berry as Nurse Aimee
Jessica Biel as Tess Byrne
Jon Bon Jovi as Jensen
Chris "Ludacris" Bridges as Brendan
Robert De Niro as Stan Harris

To name but a few…

So that's the cast, what's the story? Read below, but I warn you now, there's a few "slight spoilers" so if you're easily offended by an illiterate oath such as myself, then ignore the plot and go straight down to the paragraph marked "Now for my personal thoughts”  which is beneath "the plot" bit....

The Plot.....

On New Years Eve, Vice-President of the Times Square Alliance Claire Morgan (Hilary Swank) is making the final arrangements for the ball drop (think "countdown") with the help of her friend Brandon (Chris "Ludacris" Bridges). Meanwhile after nearly being  run over by a car and denied a vacation, Ahren Records secretary Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer) quits her job and offers the deliveryman Paul (Zac Efron) tickets for the Ahren Records Masquerade Ball but only if Paul helps her complete a series of New Years resolutions before midnight, which he accepts.
Paul's sister, Kim (Sarah Jessica Parker) is having trouble with her teenage daughter Hailey (Abigail Breslin) who wants to spend New Years Eve with her friends and her boyfriend Seth (Jake T. Austin) inTimes Square. Paul's roommate, comic book illustrator Randy (Ashton Kutcher) who hates New Years Eve after his girlfriend left him on a date, gets stuck in an elevator with Elise (Lea Michele) an aspiring singer who will be providing back-up for musician Jensen (Jon Bon Jovi) in his show at the Ahren Records ball, where he rekindles his feelings for his ex-girlfriend Laura (Katherine Heigl).

At a nearby hospital, Stan Harris (Robert De Niro) a man in the final stages of cancer who refuses chemotherapy and who only wishes to see the ball drop one last time, is kept company by Nurse Aimee (Halle Berry) and Nurse Mindy (Alyssa Milano) after his Doctor (Cary Elwes) reveals he will not last much longer. In the same hospital, a young couple, Griffin(Seth Meyers) and Tess (Jessica Biel) about to have their first child, competes with another couple, James (Til Schweiger) and Sarah (Sarah Paulson) for a bonus offered for the family of the first child born in the New Year. Elsewhere, Sam (Josh Duhamel) a businessman from Ahren Records, attempts to arrive at the Ball where he is to deliver an important speech, after his car malfunctions on the other side of New York, all the while he is wondering if he should meet with a mysterious woman he met and fell in love with on the previous New Years Eve.
As midnight approaches, one of the billboard lights of the Times Square panel malfunctions, jamming the ball and forcing Claire to call Kominsky (Hector Elizondo), an electrician she had fired a few weeks prior. Kominsky repairs the ball seconds before midnight, and in gratitude, Claire leaves him in charge of the operation, quits her stressful job and rushes to see the ball drop with her father Stan. Meanwhile, Nurse Aimee has a video conference with her husband (Common) a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

End of potential spoiler peeps and now for my personal thoughts....

So that's the film in a nutshell but that reveals only half of the story, let me tell you what I really thought.....

I think the year was 2006 when I finally watched "Crash" which if memory serves me right, Ludicris starred in that film too.

"Crash" and "New years Eve" are very similar in that both films feature characters that are not independent but all have needs that can only be met not by things but by human intervention, also it isn't a Christmas film which is so obvious and I cannot stand Christmas due to its falseness (come on, what has Reindeers and a monk called Santa wearing Coca Cola colours got to do with the birth of THE PRINCE OF PEACE)?

Anyway, I digress...... 

What did I like about this film? Well, the cinema was packed full of young girls (I felt so old and I’m only 64!!!) the young-uns seemed to be really enjoying it, even LOL at the appropriate places and being quiet at others.

I can't lie to you, I wanted to hate this film but I left truly appreciating it and grateful that I have people who love me and more importantly, people that I love and can express my love to....
I loved the interaction between Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron (it really made me smile), also the caring nurse played by Halle Berry who contrasted with the black uncaring Nurse in Crash.
Some of the characters appear to be dating certain characters but at the end you see who is with whom (very cleverly done too).

A very clever film in that it will appeal to all demographics, for example, a mother can take her teenage daughters to watch it and they will take away with them something worth learning, a boyfriend can take his girlfriend along and will gain brownie points for taking his boo to a chick flick and a "lonely boy/girl" can go along by themselves and see where they “maybe” going wrong in their lives’.

You've seen the list of actors and to be honest there wasn't a character/person in the film that didn't work...... 

When I left the cinema I was pleased to hear some of the comments from the young ladies who saw the film. They said that they laughed and cried several times during the film.

In concluding a famous Director whose name escapes me once said that “a film should move you emotionally and if it does then the film has done its job”. If that is the definition then this film will move you in a nice, warm and beautiful way. 

The critics have panned it but remember that's their job. Go and watch it for yourselves and be prepared to be moved and inspired.....

Article by Gman / 19th December 2011


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