Monday 11th June 2012

We’ve had the Hose ban for so long now, but due to last weeks rain and floods in various places, it seems that the ban has been lifted for the time being. Some people have been evacuated from Aberystwyth in Wales, (It wouldn’t be the first time though eh). An American friend of mine heard about our hose ban and thought the government had banned us from wearing tights; she was going to write to the embassy and Parliament in protest….. Bless her.

Around the country and across the Channel people were preparing for the big Euro game between France and England, will there be disappointment or will we be pleasantly surprised Que sera sera (what will be will be).

Tuesday 12th June 2012

England managed a 1-1 draw, Joleon Lescott scoring the first goal for England in the European Championships, a good start I suppose, it could have been worse. In the world cup there was an Octopus that hovered over a country’s flag to see who was going to win, well in this Championship there is a Llama that has predicted England as the European championship winners, but will we get the “hump” if this prediction proves to be false.

In the Church there is uproar over the fact that the government are trying to intervene and introduce same sex marriages for gays (which stands for good as you), should the government be able to determine how the Church should preach its doctrines? Seeing as the Church doesn’t meddle in their politics. Just as politicians go by the law, surely the Church should be able to stand by its laws. Even Judge Judy can only judge us to a certain extent. As Mark Morrison once said after he was sent down….. Only God can judge us.

Wednesday 13th June 2012

I want my children to learn a language from an early age I think it’s very important, I realise it’s not a priority for some parents, but don’t you think we need to progress from going abroad and shouting at the locals in the hope that they might possibly understand us? When I was at school, we were taught very basic French and then that fizzled out until I went to High School, where I believe at that point other interests take over, and skills become lost, literally in translation. There is nothing wrong in educating our youngsters, wouldn’t we rather that than them sit in the seat of ignorance and sound like Del Boy from “Only Fools and Horses”…. Bonjourno.

Thursday 14th June 2012

We say that we are in a recession, yet the figures being banded about regarding the Olympics are unbelievable. £76m will be spent on managing the crowds which is a lot more than the £50m originally set aside, there is 43 days to go before the games takes place and the government has still got £476m left of it’s contingency fund, there are talks that the games will delivered less than the £9.3bn agreed in 2007.…. What the…… Where does all of this money come from, we are all broke and yet (and I don’t mean this as a disrespect) Athletes can run around the track in the “lap” of luxury, no pun intended…What a farce…. The Olympic torch went running by where my uncle lives (obviously not by itself), he used it to light his fag with, I guess it has its uses eh….

Friday 15th June 2012

Another positive Friday, loved ones have come and gone, but through it all, lets not forget their love and continue to pass it on to each other, hate conjures up far to many emotions, more than we can be bothered with, but love makes us feel free and helps us to tip toe into another day. Spread the love…. For once it’s something contagious that I’d like to catch.

Article by Citizen Jane / 16th June 2012


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