Monday 4th June 2012

Over the weekend I tried to get away from all the madness of the Jubilee, only to realise that unless I actually left the country, I had no hope of doing so. I tried Hereford first, flags were being waved like there was no tomorrow, I tried to lose myself at the wedding that I went to there, I thought it would be easy due to the free bar but the music from the live band was far to good, so I lost myself in music instead (someone should write a song about that). My next stop was Exeter where it looked like the bunting factory had exploded there. I thought that attending a comedy show that my brother was performing in would soothe my Jubilee wounds; it did, but only for a time. A comedy of errors on my part.

Tuesday 5th June 2012

I woke up back in Hereford hoping that it all would definitely be over by now, I switched the Television on, only to find that the Jubilee parade and service was all over it, plus if you’d missed the concert the night before, then as a treat……. It was there for you to watch on repeat…. Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Get me back to Nottingham, where at least I can try and sleep through it without having to talk to folk about it…. I know I’m being harsh and it has been a time for getting people together, let’s hope it’s not just a temporary fix, I have to admit it was disappointing not to see the Sex Pistols performing God Save the Queen at the concert, which would have been worth the sacrifice.

Wednesday 6th June 2012

I left my house tentatively this morning, in the hope that I wouldn’t trip up and garrotte myself on some left over bunting. Only to get into the city centre to see that Nottingham is still shrouded in it, due to the fact that the Queen, Prince Phillip (if he’s still not laid out on his back), Prince William and Katie will be paying our Fine City a visit on the 13th June, how exciting, almost as exciting as the visit Peter Andre made to the Broad marsh shopping centre. Thinking about it that was the day I made my City Escape. Never Peter Andre, more like Peter ‘And’ ’What’.

Thursday 7th June 2012

Apparently the Queens visit to the Prince has improved his condition no end, we are pleased, he is on a course of antibiotics to clear up his infection, I seem to have read about another Prince who had an infection, nothing to do with the bladder either….. It also took more than creams and antibiotics to clear it up too (Prince Albert features in it somewhere, but in which capacity I’ll let you decide). It’s been a royal week, 60 years of reign, sounds like the British weather. God Save the Queen, what is Elton John up to these days. 

Friday 8th June 2012

An eventful week has been had by all, I pray that it is a time when people continue to pull together and not just for the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee, let us still be that community that we’ve been for the past few days. United.

Article by Citizen Jane / 8th June 2012


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