Monday 28th May 2012

A friend of mine has just got back from Greece; he decided to go due to the economic crisis they are having there, only to find that the rest of Britain was there with the same idea. Which if I’m honest would be my ultimate nightmare. I go on holiday to get away from it all, not take it all with me. Should we be concerned about whether Greece gets another bailout? Is it right to take advantage of the strength of the Pound against the Euro? If you are going to Greece make sure you check your travel insurance first. My friend did say that he didn’t see any changes in Greece and once there you wouldn’t notice that the country was in an economic crisis…. I guess Greece is the word eh.

Tuesday 29th May 2012

My boss at work asked for my expenses account, I’m still contemplating whether to write down the three bottles of Verve Cliquot as well as my trip to the Bahamas, maybe he won’t notice…. Baroness Warsi wasn’t so fortunate, but I, pose this question, how many people have claimed or taken something from their work place to benefit them? Can we really be so judgemental? What would we do in her situation…? Not that I’m condoning what the Baroness has done. How many other politicians have or are doing the same thing, but are still quite happy to point the finger because the pressure is not on them? I don’t think that I dare give my boss the expense account that I intended; he’s just laughed one of my colleagues out of his office for expenses to Bulwell, so the Bahamas is definitely out of the question.

Wednesday 30th May 2012 

What is going on in the world at the moment, parents are being charged for killing their six children, what is that all about, I’ve heard friends say in jest out of frustration that they could kill their kids but not to actually follow through, because love conquers everything. What was going through their minds? What was their ultimate aim? What would have been done differently if the clock could be turned back? Was it born from desperation? I’ve done many things out of desperation…. (Come on now get your minds from out of the gutter). All those guys that rejected me….. I wonder if any of them have managed to escape yet. Oops did I just say that out loud?

Thursday 31st May 2012

I booked an appointment with my Doctor, only to find the surgery was backed up with appointments due to the pension strike and patients wanted to be seen beforehand. Should the government give in to their demands because technically our lives are in their hands? It’s not like Doctor’s work from 9 to 5 and can just shut things off, I don’t want my doctor to have his mind on something else and then misdiagnose me. It’s been known to happen, a friend of mine went to her Doctor’s Cystitis, she said that her Doctor seemed a little bit preoccupied with something, he gave her a prescription for her problem, after taking said medication for a few days, she sensed a burning sensation in her nether regions, she said she found herself dragging her backside along her carpet like a dog with worms…. CRIPES….. PAY THEM THEIR PENSIONS. 

Friday 1st June 2012 

The world is a very dark place at present, so we need to be the light to guide each other, lets not get distracted by trivial things, let’s focus on what is important, like the things that truly matter. This weekend has been dedicated to the Queens Diamond Jubilee, but let’s not come together just for this, let’s do it because “we” want to, why don’t we try to let what’s happening in our communities continue. Remember love is patient and love is kind.

Article by Citizen Jane / 1st June 2012


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