For several months @gmanzen has been feeding our minds with insightful critiques of the weekly film releases, this week has been particularly special for him; here’s why.
Yes new friends and old! What a past week I've had! Firstly, the book I've been after since February called "Black Beauty" which is all about the various images of people of colour through the ages finally arrived. 
The book was written 12 years ago and cost £25 to buy when first published. Now, it cost me £45 that was with a 5% discount (which was very kind of Tom Adair who works at "Any Amount of Books Charing Cross Rd London). 
I had ordered it from four previous book sellers and on each occasion I have had a refund due to the fact that the seller either couldn't find it in their store or various situations, so nuff respect to Tom! ZeN Promo completed (see below) 
Then finally a film that I've been involved in about the first Mixed Heritage generation that came into being when Black G.I Soldiers who came over from USA had relationships with the local female population resulting in children being born. Well a story of a second generation Mixed Heritage Boxer called Neville Brown was entered into a student film competition and won! 
So congratulations to the student Amy Dean and @markDugganFilms the inspirational course tutor! 
Anyway, that was my week; now let's talk about more movies.... 
ID_Fest at #DerbyQuad
I've tweeted so much about during and now after the #DerbyFilmFestival that I thought I'd write this particular review in the style of a tweet so read on my little twits (or is the correct word "Tweeters?")
I mentioned in my last review that I was going to #DerbyQuad ID_Fest which was their second international Film Festival and what a success it was!
I had the privilege of going to the VIP opening which featured a brief talk from the event organisers who were Adam Buss and Adam Marsh who I have to say did a great job!
My personal media contact at the venue was #KathyFrain who you could not fault and when she wasn't available she put me in touch with #BeckyStirrup who saved my bacon when I had a slight problem getting in!
After that little drama we had a Master Class talk by the director of the original "Get Carter" movie.
The aforementioned Director, #MikeHodges kindly agreed to do a filmed interview with me and it was filmed by @Aj_JJ, Jaz and @6pmStudios whose help was invaluable. This was the first of much collaboration with them.
On Saturday I also had the chance to go to the Master Class featuring local actor and Director #PaddyConsidine who was informative and real. Paddy was being interviewed on stage by a writer for #EmpireMagazine and @Chrishewitt
In the audience for the talk was a few friends such as #DamonHague aka @MrHague333 ex World, Pan European boxing Champ, @Aj_JJ & @6pmStudios plus the most wonderful employee from #RadioDerby #LouiseRice aka "Mary" who I miss dearly since I was encouraged to leave (I'm not bitter, just on medication but I digress).
Paddy said a few great things such as a director shouldn't make a film for the audience. He also pointed out that the most important thing for him when working on a film is the script. Without a good one he doesn't perform. 
He was so positive and passionate that I aim to interview him for this publication and my personal baby (coming soon).
By the way, while interviewing #MikeHodges he explained how lucky he was throughout his career. I explained that I believe in "coordinated circumstances" and talking about "coordinated circumstances" Paddy's cousin is Mike Considine who along with #RobMarkland made the promo for my website last week Thursday! Don't worry, you will see their work on my promo very soon....

Article by @gmanzen / 29th May 2012


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