Monday 21st May 2012

Well I had a fabulous weekend, I was in the big smoke aka London, I went to a gig down at the Jazz Café in Camden, which is one of my favourite venues, and I find the setting quite intimate….. Need I say more…? Lalah Hathaway daughter of the late Donny Hathaway was in town a very musically gifted young woman. I tried to mimic her singing styles but apparently my singing in the key of Z was quite offensive. Speaking of offensive I think most of the Tottenham fans found the sea of blue to be so, which took over West London due to the celebration from the Chelsea fans as they welcomed their team back as European Champions. Whether people like it or not, they were the victors, the best team won on the day, but tomorrow is another day. I was asked to help coach the team, but unfortunately, I had to turn it down due to other commitments…. I was washing my hair.

Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Everyone is looking forward to the extra Bank Holiday break, street parties have been arranged, communities are coming together, I imagine some anti royalists will not be attending them, funny how they still don't mind taking the time off work though...  I'm thinking about going away during this mad period, but my plans could be scuppered especially if my flight goes from Stanstead airport, this is due to a possible baggage strike, so if you're flying from Stanstead between June 2nd - 5th, then prepare yourselves for some delays or pack light because bags will not be able to be checked in on the days stated.  So if you're someone who has to pack hair straighteners, hair products, various high heels and clothes and I don't just mean the ladies, then you had better book a flight from a different airport....  I went away with a guy who had a lot of baggage once...  Emotional baggage....  I refused to help him carry such bags, which he wasn't happy about, but unless his bags have Gucci on the side, he's got no chance.

Wednesday 23rd May 2012

So more tickets are now on sale for the Olympic games, granted they are mainly for the football due to the lack of enthusiasm in sales...  I find the selling of the tickets quite odd, there has been no sort of order or system in the purchasing of these tickets....  Although if you want to spend £500 on a ticket for the 100metre final, then these can be purchased in France....  Yep this is how organised we are as Brits.  People have sat at their computers trying without success to beat another, faster computer in the aid of purchasing tickets, to no avail.  The Olympic shenanigans continue...  Celebrities turned out at various places to run with the Olympic torch day, people lined the streets to watch, I have to admit, I'm not feeling the Olympic vibe yet, even though I carried the torch last night.....  Well I forgot to put money in the electric metre, how else was I going to see what I was doing.

Thursday 24th May 2012  

Once again the sun is shining and everyone in Britain has stripped off for this momentous occasion.  Unfortunately though it affects our retail trade, which doesn't help with the recession.... Why can't we get the balance right.  We call ourselves Europeans, yet we can't maintain European standards when it comes to the lifestyle.  But what can we expect when we have a Prime Minister who sets an example in Parliament by calling another MP an idiot (rightly or wrongly) in public.  The "Old Boy Network" who wants it.  I visited a website called the "Old Boys Network" once....  It was a group of old men wearing toupees doing obscene things.....  Nothing that I ever want to experience again.

Friday 25th may 2012

It's positive Friday, most people are organising street parties to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, but lets not make the coming together of our communities a one time thing.  Let us try and sustain this unity and do it for ourselves rather than because it's been dictated to us, we can achieve anything if we work together.

Article by Citizen Jane / 25th May 2012


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