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Every dream has a price.
People, I can’t lie to you and say that the two films I saw on Friday were worth reviewing but what I can say is that one of them had more action than I’ve seen in a Martial Arts action movie. It's problem? It had too much! I had to watch it with my friend Brett through fingers covering my eyes while holding a bucket in case I was physically sick!
It was a great jaw dropping film and the finale where the Baddie fights two of the goodies, well, truly amazing and excellently choreographed but because it was so gory I’ve decided to tell you about a recently released DVD that totally blew me away!
Wanna know what it was? Come closer and read on....
When it comes to fashion, those who know me would describe me and my fashion sense as (and I quote) "A living tramp!" and "best dressed dog clothes 1991" (but I digress). 
Oswald Boateng is a Black British Tailor that has just released a fly on the wall documentary about a 12 year period of his life from 1998 to the present day.  That statement doesn't tell you much about the film because during this period of time, Oswald goes through everything bar death and comes through to become what he is, "the coolest, sharpest dressed man on the Planet” (and that does include David Beckham).
The film starts off with him receiving a call from his wife stating that she regrets the day she ever met him (this is the family friendly version). Her words obviously affect him emotionally and on several occasions you see him crying or upset.
Other things you need to know about him is that at 28, he was the youngest (Tailor) and first Black Tailor on Savile Row which is an amazing achievement.
The film also shows you Oswald travelling to Paris to do a fashion show and the organiser refusing to continue without being paid. This is a very candid and open film that showed that he was an open and candid person.
Also during this 12 year period he suffers bankruptcies, divorces, organises a fashion show in Ghana commemorating the Anniversary of the “Abolition of the Transportation of Slaves“, receives an OBE, dresses his friends Will Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Chris Rock etc for the Oscar ceremony and becomes head of design at Givenchy!
I can’t write all the achievements that the film shows Oswald accomplishing, however I can point you in the direction of getting the information yourself, Amazon or Play.com.
A great film about a truly stylish man who to be honest, looks amazing wearing his own outfits. The only other designer who comes close to looking as good is Tom Ford.
Next weeks reviews will feature the films featured at the @ID_fest based at Derby Quad where I will be interviewing on the opening day the original "Get Carter" director Mike Hodges about his life and career. If you would like me to ask him a question from you then send it to @gmanzen.
Friday 25th May is day two of the @ID_fest and that's an evening with the local actor Paddy Considine who starred in "Dead Man's Shoes' a few years ago.
Tickets are still available for the 26th May at 4:00pm which features a film called "We Are Poets” this is a documentary about a group of young poets from Leeds that go to an American poetry slam competition "Brave New Voices" as UK representatives.
The film is being presented at @ID_Fest by Sheffield Doc/Fest, another UK film festival that Derby QUAD work closely with to showcase great films around the country. 

Article by @gmanzen / 24th May 2012


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