Monday 14th May 2012

It was a good weekend, I spent it with family and friends, so I’m feeling very relaxed and happy, although I have to say my cupboards are now bare and I hate food shopping. Even more so now that I’m in training…. No not for the Olympic games just doing a little bit of exercise so that I will no longer have to pay someone to help me carry my own backside around. All the naughty food in Supermarkets is such a distraction for me. Especially with my new healthy eating regime, the good thing is that Supermarkets are now going to label certain foods as part of the fight against obesity, they will work alongside nutrition experts to work on a 12 week plan that the government has launched today to come up with a system of displaying fat, salt, sugar and calories, it needs to be an easy system because lets face it unless its in our face and easy to read, we lose interest…. Or is that just me. Until I looked in the mirror, I always thought that “o” “be” “sity” was a fictional hospital spin of programme from casualty on BBC1. Food for thought eh….

Tuesday 15th May 2012

How is it that my boss at work, always knows my conversations or what I’ve said at my desk, he’s either psychic or my voice is just far to loud….. Unless he has the office bugged…. Just like the anonymous Premiership footballer who had his home bugged by a private investigator, he became suspicious when stories were being leaked to the press, a small square bit of cardboard was found with a transmitter embedded in it that worked up to 100 yards and could transmit for up to 30 hours, which apparently 10 years ago would have cost £20,000 but now can cost about £10. Now if things are that simple, should we be worried? Not that most of us have got anything to hide, but it just seems that our privacy is being invaded at every turn. How can we combat this? Should we just sit back and accept that this is the way of the future? I tried listening to one of my boss’s conversations that he was having in his office by using one of my own homemade listening devices, which consisted of a glass against his office door…. Needless to say I got caught….. Note to self never try this when the office door is made of glass…. He definitely “saw right through” my little ploy….. Duh.

Wednesday 16th May 2012

Question…. When is a phone conversation or answer phone message not private….. Answer….. When it’s being hacked into, now, Rebekah Brooks and her husband is in a bit of bother at the moment as well as some of their other employees. Mr Brooks is calling the whole affair a witch hunt. When is it ok to tap into peoples private lives, I suppose things have turned round to bite them on the ass, because now their lives are being exposed. If convicted Mrs Brooks could get life imprisonment…. It will be interesting to see how she’s going to talk her way out of this one, talk about a babbling “Brook”. I will be very surprised if it goes down that route though, some of these people should have the title “The Untouchables” but only in this lifetime; anyway every man has a season. What is going on in the world of news? Does anybody know…? Fortunately for us there is no “News of the World”.

Thursday 17th May 2012 

Everyone where I work is in jubilation about the Queens upcoming jubilee celebrations which will be taking place at the beginning of June 2012, where we all have to take a compulsory day off. Well, I never thought I’d hear myself say this but I would rather be at work. Yes the royals generate revenue for the country, yes we will never see another Royal diamond jubilee in our lifetime, but do we really care or is it just about a few “knees up Mother Brown” shin digs on our various streets…. Will it be a one time only connection for communities and after this event will never speak to their neighbours again? Or will it bring our communities together in a way that is long over due, if that is the case then I’m all for it but only if the “love” continues. The Bank of England are trying to sully it with the talk of loss of money and the word recession is being thrown around too as well as percentages and figures, why has it always got to be about money, that bit of paper with the Queens head on it. Well it will be all about the Queens head for me because that’s where I’ll be celebrating the Jubilee and then from there to the Nags head….. Absolutely nothing to do with Camilla.

Friday 17th May 2012

Another positive Friday, why don’t you take time out for someone you haven’t seen in a long while, give positive words of encouragement instead of putting someone down, do a random act of kindness, let someone know that you are thinking of them. We all need someone, so surround yourself with someone who is going to help rather than hinder you. Let’s bring the love back to today’s society….. Remember out of Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest of these is Love. 1Cor 13 v 13 NIV

Article by Citizen Jane / 18th May 2012


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