How I spent my Summer Vacation aka “Get the Gringo”

What can I say about Mel Gibson that hasn't already been said so I won't? What I will do is remind you of some of the groundbreaking stuff he's done such as playing the kid in post apocalyptic Australia. What about the bad cop to Danny Glover's good cop in the Lethal Weapon Franchise in the ‘80s and my particular favourite is his role as the bank robber that had been double crossed and he seeks revenge, wanting what's his, which is $70k and his fellow gangsters cannot believe he would go so far for so little, but the point they didn’t get was that it wasn't about the money rather it was the principle.
Now you know a little bit about his acting past, let's not forget that this is a man who’s also a director and two films that he's directed immediately spring to mind.
1: Apocalypto which brought the Mayan people and their mysterious doomsday calendar to the Western World's attention.
2: The Passion of The Christ is a tremendous film without equal. The script is spoken by the actors in Latin and Aramaic which even in my extensive Blackberry address book I can’t claim to know a single person who speaks these languages. This film had the biggest ticket pre-sales in history. Then soon after these mile stones it seems that occult worshipping entity that controls what we watch (Hollywood for short) deemed it unacceptable for Mel to dare make a film about (more than a) MAN that all the Monotheistic religions on the Earth acknowledge that HE has a part to play in their belief system, so they repeatedly leak stuff about his personal life but I say this to you, "He that is without sin cast the first stone" which roughly translates "give the brother from another mother some slack, Jack!".
Anyway, If you want to hear about a great movie? Come into the world of G...
Mel is a career criminal with no ID or finger prints, who in the opening scenes is being pursued along the Mexico/USA border by law enforcement officers on either side. Now he has to make a choice. Does he get arrested by the American Police who are crooks but masquerade as the good-guys or does he jump the border and allow the Mexicans who are equally crooked but they don't even pretend to be anything else (their words).
So based on the names I’m gonna introduce in a bit I reckon you will realise which side he takes his chances with.
While serving time in the "prison" which is similar to the location that The Eagles sing about in the Satanic infused lyrics song called Hotel California where they say that "You can check out any time you like but you can never leave" well correction you can check out of this prison only if you are the kingpin who has a medical situation. I have to say when I was watching this film I did think that the prison situation that the Kingpin experienced was a similar set up to what the Columbian drug dealer Pablo Escobar lived under when they eventually arrested him. Pablo had a special prison built for himself which had all the mod cons and he was free to come and go just as long as he came back (that sounds similar to my current existence with Lady-G but I’m digressing).
Kevin Hernandez plays The Kid who goes in and out of the prison and for some reason is protected by the Kingpin. It was funny seeing a young kid smoking so freely on screen and he's street smart who seems to look for danger (his reasons are explained in the film so I won't spoil it for you). 
Dolores Heredia plays TKM aka The Kid's Mother and we meet her very quickly due to the fact that she is very protective of her son.
Now I’m not gonna mention too much more about the plot so that I do not spoil your viewing pleasure but I will say this. If you enjoyed Antonio Banderas in Desperado and love witty scripts similar to Guy Ritchie's Rock N Rolla, or fantasy violence a’ la Tarantino's Inglorious B@±t*+ds then look no further, go watch “Get the Gringo” which is the original title for the film and rolls off the tongue better.
Mel Gibson, I salute you and cried alongside you when I heard the redemptive words of another "Come back Kid" Robert Downey Jnr who told residents of "slackness" aka Hollywood during his speech about "hugging the cactus" a term coined by Mel to "Cut him some slack!" 
The video of that moment in case you missed it is here: 


I normally go and see a couple of movies on a Friday but I only had time to see one based on the fact that I have been given the opportunity to go away with my family for the weekend to stay in a Luxury apartment in the Cotswolds so, I only watched one and I thought I’d recommend a film I‘d already seen.
About the film....
This film took me right back to my childhood, for those of you who can remember, think the summer of 1975 and the first blockbuster aimed at kids who are on their summer break is released. The film was called "Jaws" and I’m not ashamed to let you know that the film scared me out of my freaking mind, to the point that when I sat on the top deck of the bus going home, I was afraid of the Shark (yes, a creature that lives, breathes and "everything" in water), attacking me on a bus (trust me, wearing a Harry Potter style hat at the back of the primary school classroom wasn't given to me because I was wizard in lessons!!!).
What’s the connection between Super8 and Jaws? Well, Spielberg did Jaws and was also the exec producer on this film. The director was JJ Abram’s, the man who brought us the TV series Lost and the latest Star Trek film a few years ago.
Anyway, enough talking about the past.....
Super8 tells the story about a group of kids who are making a zombie film using a Super 8 camera (we're in circa ‘79). 
While making their film, they choose the location which is on the platform of a train line; a train goes by at the same time as they're filming and crashes. They escape with their lives but realise that the train was derailed by a car that had been driven deliberately onto the tracks. The driver doesn't die but warns the kids to run because if they are caught by the army who are moving in on them they will be killed. They then hear something trying to break out of a train carriage, something that doesn't sound, "Of this world!!!" (Cue Jaws music).
This thing that appears not to be of this earth is now running amok in the town trying to snatch the locals (you see, it's the concept of Jaws but this time on land scenario).
The Army are also trying their best to keep the locals from knowing the truth.
There is also tension between a local drunk (Blond haired) who is the father of the young female actress who is drawn romantically to the son of the Deputy Sheriff (Black haired)who forbids his son from having anything to do with the daughter of......
To defeat the alien force they all have to unite but will they put their personal differences to one side to achieve the outcome they (including the "Creature" wants)? 
I really rated this film because it has a great storyline featuring young people and nothing that that will corrupt them (bar the occasional scary bit that won’t traumatise your kids or you quite like the summer of 75 did to me). 
Thank the lord for single Decker buses I say!

Article by @gmanzen / 15th May 2012


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