Monday 7th May 2012

So another bank holiday is behind us that has been dismally wet but full of great parties, I’m going to need the rest of the week to recover from my tiredness. It’s been a weekend full of winners and losers…. (Winners) Man City, Man United and Chelsea, (losers) Nicolas Sarkozy unfortunately for him Francois Holland was victorious in yesterday’s presidential election, so how can he turn France around? Will he be able to make that difference? Could he possibly leave it in a far worse state than Mr Sarkozy has, which is a more divided and weaker France. Or is this the time for the People to come together and rebuild their country. I hear that MacDonald’s has got job vacancies….. I think Mr Sarkozy would look great with five stars pinned to his jacket. Would you like fries with that?

Tuesday 8th May 2012

I went to visit my mother the other day, she is a very independent woman, who has taught her children well and to be able to manage and instil good morals into all of us is no mean feat I can tell you… What a woman, if I can be half the person she is I will be very happy…. But what if my mother wasn’t all of these things, this is why it bothers me that the government gives so little support to carers, people who are looking after loved ones, almost 60% have said caring has damaged their careers, it’s all well and good David Cameron speaking out about the value of carers and the need to protect their well being, but what is he actually going to do about it? Is this an instance when we say talk is cheap? What about other clichés such as, action speaks louder than words? I cared for somebody once, but he called the police and I got done for stalking, maybe I’ll wait outside his house to explain myself only because I still care.

Wednesday 8th May 2012

I’ve just heard that they are making cut backs at my work place, I’m not worried though because my boss said they could do without me like a hole in the head, I think it was a compliment….. Wasn’t it? Well needless to say people are worried and are cutting back in their every day lives, unlike the Greeks who are apparently refusing to implement cuts even though their position in the single currency they are holding on by the skin of their teeth. German politicians have warned that the Greeks will be cut off unless they deliver on their commitments under the terms of their bailouts. What is the world coming too; will Greece be able to meet these requirements? Will the country be brought to its knees? I slipped through “Greece” once ended up in hospital for weeks with a broken ankle.

Thursday 10th May 2012 

I woke up yesterday to relive the Christmas nightmare….. “The Queens speech“. The Labour party and some business leaders called it a lacklustre speech, what did it have to offer “we” the people? Action always speaks louder than words, and let’s face it the speech is made by someone who isn’t living from hand to mouth. Is the speech going produce more jobs, better pensions, safer communities, well time will tell, the Queen has been giving speeches for years and things just seem to be getting worse, so maybe the powers that be need to do less talking and more doing… Maybe they’ll monitor this blog with their new surveillance bill. I met the Queen once; he was a drag artist from Blackpool…. He had skills.

Friday 11th May 2012

Another positive Friday, so let’s spread the love, help a stranger, extend your hand to a neighbour and put family disagreements behind you, only we can make the difference, so let’s work together so things can actually get done.

Article by Citizen Jane / 11th May 2012


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