Got to say when I think of Jason Statham the star of this film, I think of the famous words by the famous actor/director Clint Eastwood who said in either Dirty Harry/Magnum Force that "a man should always know his limitations" and I discovered mine when I was given the opportunity to co-present with the very beautiful Dawne B. I was told I was the black version of national TV and Radio presenter Nicky Campbell, six months after filming 4 episodes at The Drum in Birmingham and only getting to 4 because of excellent work from Phil Basi the series Producer, I was delivering paint for a company listening to Nicky Campbell on national Radio presenting a topical show from the said venue (and people ask me why me face so screw??!!) For those who ain't from the African Caribbean persuasion it means "why do I seem to always have an angry face??!! I want to reply "because my Posterior is hurting based on ........ But I always resist that urge and tend to say, through clenched teeth, "no you must be mistaken, I'M SO HAPPY!" 
I say all this because Jason in film knows his limitations and never ventures into the world of William Shakespeare. As you can see I’m digressing so on with the review....... 
Jason plays a cage fighting ex-elite cop in NY who upsets the Russian Mob who show him in no uncertain terms that they are not happy but do not kill him because they want him to walk the earth in “sufferation” (great word that I’ve heard in many a reggae record). 
They say he can end the game at anytime and one day he sets out to do just that. His chosen method is walking in front of a subway train.  While he's about to do this, he sees an Oriental girl about 11 years old who appears to be in distress, which refocuses Jason's mind to "die to get peace" but rather "live and give the young girl peace from her assailants. 
Then it all begins.... 
I've seen most of Jason's films but I have to say this was my favourite. "Why" you ask? Well, as stated in previous paragraphs, Jason (or his agent) knows his limitations (I should have had an agent eh!) and this is more of the same but better. 
The fight scenes are realistic and gritty, even making me wince loudly in the auditorium to the annoyance of everybody! Jason in this film reminded me of Denzel Washington's character (nicknamed Creasy Bear by Dakota Fanning) in the excellent action movie "Man on Fire". 
Do you remember when Denzel rings up his old buddy Christopher Walken and asks the question "is there any forgiveness for people like us?" to which Chris replies reassuringly "no" and events take place that allows Denzel to redeem his soul but not his body (this is not a spoiler for "Man on Fire" because it's been out years and by now you should have watched it and more importantly it doesn't betray the end of this film). Thoroughly enjoyable and if you can ignore the "Grand theft Auto" style fantasy body count, then you will like the redemptive nature of the film. 

Avengers 2D vs. Avengers 3D 

I went along with boss lady Steph Hernandez ( twitter name @DadivaTT) to see Marvel's Avengers Assemble and avid readers of these reviews will recall that I have seen this film last week in 2D and I love it but what about 3D? Would my heart cope with Thor's hammer coming towards me at the speed of light? 
The answer is "Yes!" 
Conclusion, there is no difference bar the fact that you pay nearly 50% more for the privilege of seeing it in cheap plastic glasses that that make you look bad (and not in the MJ street cred way). Save your money and buy a hotdog with it (no onions though because they repeat on you, repeat on you, repeat on you...) 

Article by @gmanzen / 9th May 2012


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