Monday 30th April 2012

I was late for work again, so to make up time I cut through a shop that has an entrance at both ends of the store, but due to lateness I didn’t just walk through, I ran, which needless to say caused some problems with the security guard, who stopped me, took me to the managers office, who said I was banned from cutting through their store in the future, “just for running” I said, apparently it could influence others to run in the store, so I guess I was the scape goat… How pathetic and I hadn’t even taken any drugs. I bet all the Athletes are pleased now that the lifetime ban ruling set by the British Olympic Association (BOA) has over turned by the Court of Arbitration For Sport. So now Athletes such as Dwayne Chambers and cyclist David Millar are in with a chance to be selected for the summer games. Will this deter people from taking drugs in sport or encourage it? Well judging by my skills today, I would have been selected for the heptathlon, due to my speed and the avoidance of obstacles in my way, if only I could have pole vaulted the security guard, I wouldn’t have to get up that half an hour early to get to work on time.

Tuesday 1st May 2012

I took my nephew to the airport today, only to find out that “supposedly” due to the weather it has caused a certain amount of chaos, causing lengthy delays. It also caused the iris recognition immigration system which according to the Bureau of investigative journalism cost just over £9m but has only been used 4.7m times, which for every passenger scanned costs £2. Now I’m not very good with technology but even I know that this does not bode well. Some passengers were waiting for approximately one hour and twenty minutes. It amazes me how people blame most things on the weather rather than the inferiority of the equipment. I caused a few problems the other day with my high winds; unfortunately I can’t really blame that on the weather, but the Brussels sprouts.

Wednesday 2nd May 2012

As I got on the bus today, I noticed how we as people have lost our heart for compassion, it all seems to be about us and nobody else, a gentleman in a wheel chair was trying to get of the bus, but those that wanted to get on the bus all seemed to just push passed him like he was invisible and didn’t matter. Almost like the disabled jobless who have been excluded from Nick Clegg’s youth plan, this is where the government have tried to reduce youth unemployment, this has led to accusations of discrimination. The charity Shaw Trust have stated that in 2010-2011 there were 86,000 young disabled unemployed young people in the UK which averages out to one in ten young unemployed people is disabled. Things are just going from bad to worse, well they did get worse for the rude passengers on the bus that ended up with tyre tracks on their shoes as well as bruised shins. This guy was really “wheel” ding his power.

Thursday 3rd May 2012

We all had to vote for the employee of the month at work today, although I think the votes were rigged due to the fact that I didn’t win. I’m not a sore loser though because I only drew a moustache on the Tracy the winners photo rather than the full beard. Unfortunately for the head of Britain’s election committee who is facing a fight to keep her job due to allegations of voting fraud, this stems from a senior member of the judiciary who said that flaws in the postal voting system was enabling fraud to take place on a massive scale. Is it the first time this has happened though? Are we to believe that votes have never been rigged? Or do “they” elect the people of “their” choice? I stood in the queue waiting to vote in the school hall, only to realise it was the queue for the toilet….. How apt.

Friday 4th May 2012

I went to watch the film “Marley” this week and it made me realise how revolutionary the guy was, the song “get up stand up” means a lot more to me now, that is what we need to do, we shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for what we believe in, we should also stand together, the saying many hands make light work is so poignant. Things can get done quickly and effectively in a positive manner so long as we don’t give up the fight.

Article by Citizen Jane / 4th May 2012


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