In February 2012 we began our quest to find one special image that represented Nottingham. Professional’s and amateurs alike were invited to participate, with the only criteria for entries being creativity, innovation and how well the image represented Nottingham.

Out of all the entries, we found a worthy winner in the work of local photographer Steve Rowe, with his image of a ‘speeding’ tram.

We are pleased to announce that the Winner’s image is now available to view, alongside the other four images that make up our top 5 entries in the competition.

All five photographs are currently on display at Fade and The Hard to Find Café and will remain there until 14th May 2012. From Fade, our intention is to move the exhibition to another independent location. If you are interested in displaying the work or learning more about the photographers in question, please get in touch.

The #BIGPaintOff is stage two of this project:

We have our image of Nottingham, and we are now looking for 2D Visual Artists to come forward for stage two of the project, the results of which will be revealed at a Pop Up Event this Summer. If you are looking for opportunities to have your work seen and talked about, this is a unique opportunity. Join us…

Article by Lucy G / 2nd May 2012


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