Monday 23rd April 2012

Well, I’m now sat with my feet up with a cup of coffee after completing the Marathon, it wasn’t easy, but through disciplining myself I managed to finish it. People trained for months, signed up to charities and running clubs just to take part in this prestigious race. It was very sad to hear that a woman died during the course of this race, but all in all people took part with gusto, dressing up in various costumes, it’s one of the few times when it really wasn’t about winning but the taking part. The race has a great community feel about it where runners amateur and professional encourage each other to the end. When I said that I completed the Marathon, this is where the confusion takes place… I meant the chocolate bar but when did they change the title to Snickers?

Tuesday 24th April 

I took a couple of days of work due to illness, now on both of those days work contacted me, to make sure that I was sick and not just gallivanting around the country, just so that they know where I am at any given time…. So why is it that the MI6 officer who was found dead in a padlocked holdall in his bath wasn’t missed at all, now I get the fact that there is the undercover protocol, but not one person enquired after him other than his family, there is mention of secret agents specialising in “dark arts” which isn’t anything new, but “they” would have us believe that such things don’t exist. Now some people call me a conspiracy theorist, but I would say that I’m a seeker of the truth. Speaking of the truth, I wasn’t really ill I just wanted to watch the concluding part of a TV programme that I saw the day before…. Sad I know, but I hate loose ends….. That’s why I take Imodium tablets.

Wednesday 25th April 2012 

There is an inquiry at work due to the fact that someone keeps photocopying their backside and putting the pictures up around the office, well it doesn’t take Columbo to figure it out, all they need to do is look for the person with the biggest, hairiest backside with a tattoo on it that says do not enter.  Now I know this is not quite the Leveson inquiry, where quite a few heads might supposedly roll. David Cameron might be asked to bring forward the reshuffle of his cabinet, he wanted it to be in autumn so that he could promote Mr. Hunt after the Olympic Games, but seeing as James Murdoch has dropped Jeremy Hunt well and truly into the doodoo, things might have to change. It feels like there is a lot of hidden agendas and we are only being told what “they” want us to hear, but remember what ever people do at night will always come out in the day….. Well that’s what my mother always used to tell me. I helped my mother reshuffle her cabinet, now all the glasses are on the top shelf, her crockery set is on the middle shelf, and her sky box has been demoted to the bottom shelf. My mother has never been that bothered about entering the digital world, she actually does “believe in better“.

Thursday 26th April 2012

Where I live everyone in the shops is talking about the recession that we have slumped back into, my question is when did we come out of it, it feels like we’ve been in a recession for the past five or six years. The only sales I knew about were the seasonal sales, now every shop seems to have an all year round sale. Economics warned that George Osborne’s plans for deficit reduction could damage any recovery over the next few years. How can Mr Osborne turn this around? Has this recession been orchestrated to make us rely on “them”? Will it only get worse? Should we be putting more money in by supporting the high street and local shops etc to get the system to work for us again? Money isn’t a thing that really interests me but I suppose that’s because I’ve never got any. I found out to my peril that trying to pay for shopping with buttons wasn’t an option.

Friday 27th April 2012

I know that there is talk of recession, but let’s not allow this to this affect us as a community, now is the time for us to help and encourage one another more than ever, we shouldn’t let the powers that be brow beat us into submission, as good old Bob Marley once sang “Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds” just believe and things will come to pass.

Article by Citizen Jane / 27th April 2012


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