Ka-Ho Jake Leung
Menswear, Fashion Designer, Textiles

Ka-Ho Jake Leung

I am a menswear textile designer going towards a fashion designer. I have been doing Textile Design for 4 years, involves with surface pattern design. I am a woven specialist in fashion fabrics. My work is Fashion Garments made from own handmade fabrics for bespoke menswear. With a strong sense of nature inspiration, also with a high flair for menswear fabric design that formal suits need a new lease of life I attain eye-to-detail, also alterations, repairs and bespoke tailoring for individuals and for people of who want to have their own costumes/clothing to be made.

I have also done some pattern cutting work that I am currently working on. Also, I will be doing some costumes design, doing some more tailoring suits. I will be posting on here very soon. My work is handmade, unique, high quality and finished by hand, also given some subtly and something extra flavour and slick to my own work to be your own individuality.

Also, doing some fashion accessories too. I will be making products from bags to doorstops to scarves - some of which can be found.

  • Fighting Badge CuffLinks
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  • My Personalised JakeyFaction logo man shoulder bag
  • My woven Autumn/Winter scarves
  • My other Autumn/Winter scarves design